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WBC "House" Rules

World Boardgaming Championships

The World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) is the descendant of the Avalon Con Championships. When Hasbro bought Avalon Hill, they declined to continue sponsorship of Avalon Con. The family of players and game masters from Avalon Con subsequently formed the Boardgame Players Association (BPA) and used Avalon Con as the inspiration for the creation of the WBC.

The WBC includes tournaments for 100 different games of varying levels of strategy and ranging in genre from sports to military to fantasy to the genreless.

The Speed Circuit tournament begins with three qualifying races. Each one providing a player with the opportunity to qualify for the winner-takes-all finals race. Each race is both a strategy game and a spectacle. Each matchbox scale circuit has up to 12 cars on the starting grid.

The BPA provides a good summary page of the event.

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