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Finding A Race

Note that the best way to be notified about new racing opportunities is to sign up for the mailing list and make sure you check that you are interested in PBeM if you are.

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CFR Organized Play

CFR OP is a way to publicize CFR races and rank its drivers.

Calendar, Rankings, and More


There are a couple of game conventions where you can find Championship Formula Racing or its immediate cousins played. PBeM is great but nothing beats the experience of in-person play.


The World Board Gaming Convention is the largest in-person tournament for CFR that I am aware of and has brought racers from all over the world to compete against each other on 1/64 scale tracks.

News and Rules


Prez-Con has hosted Speed Circuit for years as well. I participated a couple years ago and had a blast. Starting in 2016, Prez-Con will occur twice a year.

PrezCon Web site

Congress of Gamers

In 2015 I ran my first race of CFR at Congress of Gamers which is a small regional convention in Rockville, MD. I may try to expand CFR's presence at this convention in the future.

Congress of Gamers Web site

Winter Game Fest

I started hosting a CFR race at this local min-con in 2016. This event is similar to Congress of Gamers -- same venue but more of an open gaming event.

Winter Games Fest Web site

Play-by-Email (PBeM)

A growing number of great people are hosting and managing various PBeM races using the CFR rules set. I'll add more to this list as I formalize contact information, etc.

F* Ladder Series

This is the series I have run for a couple of years now. A 3-race season in a ladder format (where top performers in a series move up to the "higher" series the next year or sometimes for the next race -- replacing bottom finishers from that series). This is the largest PBeM for CFR that I am aware of.

Rules and History

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