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Suzuka, Japan

Name, LocationL3wL/C #406080100120140160 1+5+10+15+Lg
Suzuka, Japan8318%10.4 80202211 224015
Median Track7646%9.6 80221110 231117

single-page map (PDF)

style: The longest track in this group not named Spa is nearly as fast as Monza with four different decreasing radius corners. It is also the thinest track in this group. The circuit starts with 3 very fast corners in quick succession before a short run up to the Degner Curve which feeds into another short run to the slowest corner on the track. Then its back up to speed and into the long and fast but also decreasing radius Spoon Curve. Maintaining speed through the Spoon Curve is crucial as it leads into the back straight. It may only be 12 spaces long - technically - but it plays more like 19 since the infamous 130R corner is one of the fastest corner around. But quickly after 130R the very slow, decreasing radius Casio Triangle marks the end of the lap.

notes: First Curve starts with 2 parallel spaces as it slows down so there can be much lane-chaning here. Corner #2 has a split arrow in the middle. The Degner Curve is essentially a deceasing radius corner but the last space of the inside lane also has an arrow start over it. Spoon Curve is a more traditional decreasing radius corner. Casio Triangle is a deceasing radius chicane with an arrow, so there is a lot going on here. This track also has a number of areas along straights where the outside lane has more spaces then the inside lane.

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