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Shanghai, China

Name, LocationL3wL/C #406080100120140160 1+5+10+15+Lg
Shanghai, China8078%11.4 70410200 230223
Median Track7646%9.6 80221110 231117

single-page map (PDF)

Perhaps the most noticable element of this track is the super-long back straight -- 23 spaces. That straight ends in one of the slowest corners on the track -- per standard F1 car design of this era. The front straight would be the longest straight on man other tracks at 17 spaces.

The corners are generally placed pretty far apart. Only twice are corners closer then 5 spaces. In both cases one of the corners is a short 120 corner.

However, the most important strategic feature of this track are its mirror-image-like 1st and 5th corners. Corner 1 is a chicane with an off-set entery and exit that starts faster and wider and then thins and slows mid-corner. Also note that the "inside" of the track priority switches earlier then you would expect mid-corner. Corner 5 is almost the same as corner 1 in reverse. It too is a chicane, however it starts slow and then speeds up. The track also widens immedaitly after the corner ends -- for the inside lane, at least. However, corner 5 is shorter then corner 1 and does not have a staggered beginning.

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