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Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Name, LocationL3wL/C #406080100120140160 1+5+10+15+Lg
Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia8259%10.3 80231200 134014
Median Track7646%9.6 80221110 231117

single-page map (PDF)

There are some similarities between this track and Shanghai. Corner 1 is another variation of the changing radius 's' curve found twice in Shanghai. The straights aren't as long though. Although Sepang does not technically have any straights of 15 or more spaces, it has 2, 14 space straights back to back.

None of the 8 corners are very close together so its pretty hard to go through more then 1 corner in the same turn. The straights after corners 1 and 2 are long enough to feature acceleration if you have it before the infield section of corners 4-7 before the first long straight.

Only 2 corners are real notable in design. Corner 1 is long, changes directions, slows as it progresses and features the same "run-off" start to the outside lane seen a lot at Yas Marina. Corner 8 is different in that the speed limits look to start a space after you would expect from the space layout. Along with the two lines and shorter "run-off" outside lane makes this a good over-taking opportunity.

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